Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why worry

Soul and Ghee

A disciple asked his Guru- "Is there a 'Soul' in our body,? Will it not 'perish' like the body.?"

The Guru explained..

"Milk" is useful but if left as it is.. it gets spoiled..

In case u add a drop a "Buttermilk".. it becomes "Curd".. and the Milk that turns to Curd, remains for one more day without getting spoiled..

If left as it is.. the Curd gets spoiled..

Yet, if u churn the "Curd" it becomes "Butter" which doesn't get spoiled..

But, even Butter also does not remain fresh for many days.. It becomes rancid or spoiled after a few days..

But if u melt Butter in a proper manner.. It becomes pure "Ghee", which never gets spoiled..

Now, do u see that the "Milk" which gets spoiled contains "Ghee" that never gets spoiled.?

Likewise, inside the "perishable" Body, there is an "imperishable" Soul..

Sankirtan, (niskaam) Seva & Sadhana.. makes the "perishable Body".. to be one with "imperishable Soul"..

Human Body is the milk..
Sankirtan is the buttermilk..
(Niskaam) Seva is the churning..
& then by Sadhana we melt the 'reformed body' to be one with the 'soul'..
tab har pal "aapko" "aapji" ke darshan hote rahenge.....


"Prayer is Man's only Strength & God's only weakness"

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nothing stays with us


"जब हम दर्पण देख कर मुस्कराते हैं तो दर्पण
वापस मुस्कराता है - है ना ?

याद रखो, जीवन में हम जो करते हैं , वही लौट कर हमारे पास आता है।"
🙏सदैव अच्छे कर्म कीजिए🙏
🌹ईश्वर आपके साथ है🌹

Sunday, March 27, 2016


अनोखा पात्र

🙏🙏_/!\_----..🙏अनोखा पात्र:------

एक राजमहल के द्वार पर बड़ी भीड़ लगी थी। किसी फकीर ने सम्राट से भिक्षा मांगी थी। सम्राट ने उससे कहा, "जो भी चाहते हो, मांग लो।"

दिवस के प्रथम याचक की कोई भी इच्छा पूरी करने का उसका नियम था।

उस फकीर ने अपने छोटे से भिक्षापात्र को आगे बढ़ाया और कहा, "बस इसे स्वर्ण मुद्राओं से भर दें।"

सम्राट ने सोचा इससे सरल बात और क्या हो सकती है! लेकिन जब उस भिक्षा पात्र में स्वर्ण मुद्राएं डाली गई, तो ज्ञात हुआ कि उसे भरना असंभव था।

वह तो जादुई था। जितनी अधिक मुद्राएं उसमें डाली गई, वह उतना ही अधिक खाली होता गया!

सम्राट को दुखी देख वह फकीर बोला, "न भर सकें तो वैसा कह दें। मैं खाली पात्र को ही लेकर चला जाऊंगा!
ज्यादा से ज्यादा इतना ही होगा कि लोग कहेंगे कि सम्राट अपना वचन पूरा नहीं कर सके !"

सम्राट ने अपना सारा खजाना खाली कर दिया, उसके पास जो कुछ भी था, सभी उस पात्र में डाल दिया गया, लेकिन अद्भुत पात्र न भरा, सो न भरा।

तब उस सम्राट ने पूछा,"भिक्षु, तुम्हारा पात्र साधारण नहीं है। उसे भरना मेरी सामर्थ्य से बाहर है। क्या मैं पूछ सकता हूं कि इस अद्भुत पात्र का रहस्य क्या है?"

वह फकीर हंसने लगा और बोला, "कोई विशेष रहस्य नहीं। यह पात्र मनुष्य के हृदय से बनाया गया है।
क्या आपको ज्ञात नहीं है कि मनुष्य का हृदय कभी भी भरा नहीं जा सकता?
धन से, पद से, ज्ञान से- किसी से भी भरो, वह खाली ही रहेगा, क्योंकि इन चीजों से भरने के लिए वह बना ही नहीं है। इस सत्य को न जानने के कारण ही मनुष्य जितना पाता है, उतना ही दरिद्र होता जाता है। हृदय की इच्छाएं कुछ भी पाकर शांत नहीं होती हैं। क्यों? क्योंकि, हृदय तो परमात्मा को पाने के लिए बना है।

शांति चाहते हो? संतृप्ति चाहते हो? तो अपने संकल्प को कहने दो कि परमात्मा के अतिरिक्त और मुझे कुछ भी नहीं चाहिए।"

Triple filter

Triple Filter
In ancient India, One day a person met the great Chanakya, and said, "Do you know what I just heard about your friend?"

"Hold on a minute," Chanakya replied.

"Before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test."

"Triple filter?"😳

"That's right," Chanakya continued.

"Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say. That's why I call it the triple filter test.

🔹The first filter is Truth.

Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"

"No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it and..."

"All right," said Chanakya.

"So you don't know if it's true or not
🔹Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness.

Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?"

"No, on the contrary..."

"So," Chankaya continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true.

🔹You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left, the filter of Usefulness.

Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?"

"No, not really."

"Well," concluded chankaya, "if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"😊
👆Let us use this triple filter each time we hear loose talk about any of our near and dear ones.🙏

Saturday, March 26, 2016


I would like to take you into deeper knowledge soon. We will go into deeper knowledge, but for that the first thing you need to do is be satisfied.
See, in the world there is no end to problems. Some or the other problems keep coming up, either financial, or health related, or relationship related problems. And if none of these are there, there is the problem of someone saying something to you and you feeling upset about it. The mind keeps getting caught up in problems. You should rise above this, and understand that the nature of the world is like that.

See, if you have a home which is near the highway, how can you complain about noise? Similarly, if someone has a home in the forest and they are afraid of animals, then what can you say? If someone has a home near the ocean, and they are afraid of water, what can be said to them? Similarly, when you are in the world, there will be some pleasant experiences and some unpleasant experiences. There will be some blame and some praise, all of this will happen, but none of these should touch you, you should just keep moving ahead. So, sit happily, walk happily and do everything happily.

Someone asked me yesterday, 'What was the happiest time of your life?' I said, 'What? The happiest time? Why do you tie 'time' with 'happiness'? I am happiness'.
Time changes, sometimes there are good times and sometimes there are bad times. If you tie 'happiness' to 'time', then happiness will also change as times change. But when you know, that happiness has nothing to do with time, then you can be happy at all times. And this is knowledge!

We tie our happiness to people, places, situations, or time. All that you need to do is move away from this and realize that your nature is happiness, and it has nothing to do with time. This is the highest knowledge. It may sound very difficult, but it is not impossible. Any fool can be unhappy when things are not okay. But it takes courage to be happy even when things are falling apart. And you are all courageous and strong!

- Sri sri

House on fire

A man who has gone out of his town comes back and finds that his house is on fire.

It was one of the most beautiful houses in the town, and the man loved the house the most! Many people were ready to give double price for the house, but he had never agreed for any price and now it is just burning before his eyes.

And thousands of people have gathered, but nothing can be done, the fire has spread so far that even if you try to put it out, nothing will be saved. So he becomes very sad.

His son comes running and whispers something in his ear:

"Don't be worried. I sold it yesterday and at a very good price ― three times.The offer was so good I could not wait for you. Forgive me."

Father said, "thank God, it's not ours now!" Then the father is relaxed and became a silent watcher, just like 1000s of other watchers.

Please think about it! Just a moment before he was not a watcher, he was attached. It is the same house....the same fire.... everything is the same...but now he is not concerned. In fact started enjoying it just as everybody else in the crowd.

Then the second son comes running, and he says to the father, "What are you doing? You are smiling ― and the house is on fire?" The father said, "Don't you know, your brother has sold it."
He said, "we have taken only advance amount, not settled fully. I doubt now that the man is going to purchase it now."

Again, everything changes!!

Tears which had disappeared, have come back to the father's eyes, his smile is no more there, his heart is beating fast. The 'watcher' is gone. He is again attached.

And then the third son comes, and he says, "That man is a man of his word. I have just come from him. He said, 'It doesn't matter whether the house is burnt or not, it is mine.
And I am going to pay the price that I have settled for. Neither you knew, nor I knew that the house would catch on fire.'"

Again the joy is back and family became 'watchers'! The attachment is no more there.

Actually nothing is changing!

just the feeling that "I am the owner! I am not the owner of the house!" makes the whole difference.

This simple methodology of watching the mind, that you have nothing to do with it..Everything starts with a Thought !

Most of the thoughts are not yours but from your parents, your teachers, your friends, the books, the movies, the television, the newspapers. Just count how many thoughts are your own, and you will be surprised that not a single thought is your own. All are from other sources, all are borrowed ― either dumped by others on you, or foolishly dumped by yourself upon yourself, but nothing is yours.

Sow a thought, you reap an action.
Sow an act, you reap a habit.
Sow a habit, you reap a character.
Sow a character, you reap a destiny..!








कुँए में उतरने वाली बाल्टी यदि झुकती है,
तो भरकर बाहर आती है...

जीवन का भी यही गणित है,
जो झुकता है वह
प्राप्त करता है...

जीवन में किसी का भला करोगे,
तो लाभ होगा...
क्योंकि ' भला ' का उल्टा ' लाभ ' होता है ।


जीवन में किसी पर दया करोगे,
तो वो याद करेगा..
क्योंकि 'दया' का उल्टा ' याद ' होता है।

यहाँ सब कुछ बिकता है , दोस्तों रहना जरा संभाल के !!!
बेचने वाले हवा भी बेच देते है , गुब्बारों में डाल के !!!

सच बिकता है , झूठ बिकता है, बिकती है हर कहानी !!!
तीन लोक में फैला है , फिर भी बिकता है बोतल में पानी !!!

कभी फूलों की तरह मत जीना,
जिस दिन खिलोगे... टूट कर बिखर जाओगे ।
जीना है तो पत्थर की तरह जियो;
जिस दिन तराशे गए... "खुदा" बन जाओगे ।।

Friday, March 25, 2016

Father and daughter went to a temple.

The most speechless msg ever....

Father and daughter went to a temple. Suddenly, daughter shouted after seeing the pillars of Lions at the entrance of the temple. "Run Dad, or those Lions will eat us "

Dad consoled her saying "they are just statues and wont harm us"..

Daughter replied " if those lion statues won't harm us then how could statues of God give us blessings"

The father wrote in his diary...
"I am still speechless on my child's answer and have started searching for God in Humans instead of statues. I didn't find God but I found humanity!!
do your best to people who are around us... .... 🙏🙏

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Humility is the one virtue that pleases the Lord the most. It is easy to bow before the wise and exalted. Can you bow before the the most ordinary and low?

Ego creates the labels of high and low, confines one into shallow perception, depriving you from seeing the same Divine residing in all. Humility transmutes ego the false self into an illumined presence .As you think so you become, so goes the words of wisdom from our ancient Masters.

Invest your thoughts in the designs of most powerful dreams of your life. As your conviction deepens you start to see the manifestations of your thoughts in solid forms.

Love and gratitude
In the rush of life you almost forget to breathe. You can breathe without breathing, but there is a qualitative difference between conscious breath and breathing by default. Know that at any point of time your happiness is just a breath away from you, and that is a deep mindful breath of gratitude and love for God.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


As told by the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer:

I was preparing to speak at an I Can Do It conference and I decided to bring an orange on stage with me as a prop for my lecture. I opened a conversation with a bright young fellow of about twelve who was sitting in the front row.

"If I were to squeeze this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?" I asked him.

He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, "Juice, of course."

"Do you think apple juice could come out of it?"

"No!" he laughed.

"What about grapefruit juice?"


"What would come out of it?"

"Orange juice, of course."

"Why? Why when you squeeze an orange does orange juice come out?"

He may have been getting a little exasperated with me at this point.

"Well, it's an orange and that's what's inside."

I nodded. "Let's assume that this orange isn't an orange, but it's you. And someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, says something you don't like, offends you. And out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, fear. Why? The answer, as our young friend has told us, is because that's what's inside."

It's one of the great lessons of life. What comes out when life squeezes you? When someone hurts or offends you? If anger, pain and fear come out of you, it's because that's what's inside. It doesn't matter who does the squeezing—your mother, your brother, your children, your boss, the government. If someone says something about you that you don't like, what comes out of you is what's inside. And what's inside is up to you, it's your choice.

When someone puts the pressure on you and out of you comes anything other than love, it's because that's what you've allowed to be inside. Once you take away all those negative things you don't want in your life and replace them with love, you'll find yourself living a highly functioning life.

Thanks, and here's an orange for you!🍊

Sunday, March 20, 2016


रिश्ते कभी भी कुदरती मौत नहीं मरते ..
इनको तो हमेशा इंसान ही क़त्ल करता है
नफ़रत से .....
नज़रंदाजी से ......
तो कभी गलतफहमी से....!!

घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला का पत्र

घनश्यामदास जी बिड़ला का अपने पुत्र बसंत कुमार जी बिड़ला के नाम 1934 में लिखित एक अत्यंत प्रेरक पत्र जो हर एक को जरूर पढ़ना चाहिए -

चि. बसंत.....
यह जो लिखता हूँ उसे बड़े होकर और बूढ़े होकर भी पढ़ना, अपने अनुभव की बात कहता हूँ। संसार में मनुष्य जन्म दुर्लभ है और मनुष्य जन्म पाकर जिसने शरीर का दुरुपयोग किया, वह पशु है। तुम्हारे पास धन है, तन्दुरुस्ती है, अच्छे साधन हैं, उनको सेवा के लिए उपयोग किया, तब तो साधन सफल है अन्यथा वे शैतान के औजार हैं। तुम इन बातों को ध्यान में रखना।

धन का मौज-शौक में कभी उपयोग न करना, ऐसा नहीं की धन सदा रहेगा ही, इसलिए जितने दिन पास में है उसका उपयोग सेवा के लिए करो, अपने ऊपर कम से कम खर्च करो, बाकी जनकल्याण और दुखियों का दुख दूर करने में व्यय करो। धन शक्ति है, इस शक्ति के नशे में किसी के साथ अन्याय हो जाना संभव है, इसका ध्यान रखो की अपने धन के उपयोग से किसी पर अन्याय ना हो। अपनी संतान के लिए भी यही उपदेश छोड़कर जाओ। यदि बच्चे मौज-शौक, ऐश-आराम वाले होंगे तो पाप करेंगे और हमारे व्यापार को चौपट करेंगे। ऐसे नालायकों को धन कभी न देना, उनके हाथ में जाये उससे पहले ही जनकल्याण के किसी काम में लगा देना या गरीबों में बाँट देना। तुम उसे अपने मन के अंधेपन से संतान के मोह में स्वार्थ के लिए उपयोग नहीं कर सकते। हम भाइयों ने अपार मेहनत से व्यापार को बढ़ाया है तो यह समझकर कि वे लोग धन का सदुपयोग करेंगे l

भगवान को कभी न भूलना, वह अच्छी बुद्धि देता है, इन्द्रियों पर काबू रखना, वरना यह तुम्हें डुबो देगी। नित्य नियम से व्यायाम-योग करना। स्वास्थ्य ही सबसे बड़ी सम्पदा है। स्वास्थ्य से कार्य में कुशलता आती है, कुशलता से कार्यसिद्धि और कार्यसिद्धि से समृद्धि आती है l सुख-समृद्धि के लिए स्वास्थ्य ही पहली शर्त है l मैंने देखा है की स्वास्थ्य सम्पदा से रहित होनेपर करोड़ों-अरबों के स्वामी भी कैसे दीन-हीन बनकर रह जाते हैं। स्वास्थ्य के अभाव में सुख-साधनों का कोई मूल्य नहीं। इस सम्पदा की रक्षा हर उपाय से करना। भोजन को दवा समझकर खाना। स्वाद के वश होकर खाते मत रहना। जीने के लिए खाना हैं, न कि खाने के लिए जीना हैं।

- घनश्यामदास बिड़ला

श्री घनश्यामदास जी बिरला का अपने बेटे के नाम लिखा हुवा पत्र इतिहास के सर्वश्रेष्ठ पत्रों में से एक माना जाता है l विश्व में जो दो सबसे सुप्रसिद्ध और आदर्श पत्र माने गए है उनमें एक है 'अब्राहम लिंकन का शिक्षक के नाम पत्र' और दूसरा है 'घनश्यामदास बिरला का पुत्र के नाम पत्र'

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Prayer not answered?

Sharing an inspiring message received......
Tell me, What is bothering you? A prayer which is not answered on time or You feel I don't listen to you? I listen to each and every prayer you put in front of me.. I watch everything you do.. I know what you are going through and what is going on in your mind..I am worried for you.. Some blessings are delayed but never go unanswered.. I only give you what you need at this point in time, not what YOU want.. You have to trust me, you must remain calm in adverse situations, hold onto your Faith that you have on me.. Don't rush to the conclusions that I don't hear what you say.. I am sitting right here to cleanse your karmas.. Let me do my work, because I only know what is right for you to get from God Almighty.. Till then hold me tightly.. Talk to me, share every single thing with me as you share with your Friends & Family.. They are there till the time you have this life, they can support you but I am the ONE who brought you here and will take you to the End.. My love for you is infinite and endless.. Just wait patiently for the bad times to get over.. Remember, this too shall pass..
I am with you always!!

गौतम बुद्ध के सुविचार🌺

🌺गौतम बुद्ध के सुविचार🌺

☝जो गुजर गया उसके बारे में मत सोचो और भविष्य के सपने मत देखो
केवल वर्तमान पे ध्यान केंद्रित करो ।
–🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝आप पूरे ब्रह्माण्ड में कहीं भी ऐसे व्यक्ति को खोज लें जो आपको आपसे ज्यादा प्यार करता हो, आप पाएंगे कि जितना प्यार आप खुद से कर सकते हैं उतना कोई आपसे नहीं कर सकता।
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝स्वास्थ्य सबसे बड़ा उपहार है, संतोष सबसे बड़ा धन और विश्वास सबसे अच्छा संबंध।
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝हमें हमारे अलावा कोई और नहीं बचा सकता, हमें अपने रास्ते पे खुद चलना है।
– 🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝तीन चीज़ें ज्यादा देर तक नहीं छुपी रह सकतीं – सूर्य, चन्द्रमा और सत्य
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝आपका मन ही सब कुछ है, आप जैसा सोचेंगे वैसा बन जायेंगे ।
– 🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝अपने शरीर को स्वस्थ रखना भी एक कर्तव्य है, अन्यथा आप अपनी मन और सोच को अच्छा और साफ़ नहीं रख पाएंगे ।
– 🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝हम अपनी सोच से ही निर्मित होते हैं, जैसा सोचते हैं वैसे ही बन जाते हैं। जब मन शुद्ध होता है तो खुशियाँ परछाई की तरह आपके साथ चलती हैं ।
–🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝किसी परिवार को खुश, सुखी और स्वस्थ रखने के लिए सबसे जरुरी है - अनुशासन और मन पर नियंत्रण।
अगर कोई व्यक्ति अपने मन पर नियंत्रण कर ले तो उसे आत्मज्ञान का रास्ता मिल जाता है
– 🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝क्रोध करना एक गर्म कोयले को दूसरे पे फैंकने के समान है जो पहले आपका ही हाथ जलाएगा।
–🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝जिस तरह एक मोमबत्ती की लौ से हजारों मोमबत्तियों को जलाया जा सकता है फिर भी उसकी रौशनी कम नहीं होती उसी तरह एक दूसरे से खुशियाँ बांटने से कभी खुशियाँ कम नहीं होतीं ।
–🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝ इंसान के अंदर ही शांति का वास होता है, उसे बाहर ना तलाशें ।
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝ आपको क्रोधित होने के लिए दंड नहीं दिया जायेगा, बल्कि आपका क्रोध खुद आपको दंड देगा ।
–🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝ हजारों लड़ाइयाँ जितने से बेहतर है कि आप खुद को जीत लें, फिर वो जीत आपकी होगी जिसे कोई आपसे नहीं छीन सकता ना कोई स्वर्गदूत और ना कोई राक्षस ।
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝ जिस तरह एक मोमबत्ती बिना आग के खुद नहीं जल सकती उसी तरह एक इंसान बिना आध्यात्मिक जीवन के जीवित नहीं रह सकता ।
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝ निष्क्रिय होना मृत्यु का एक छोटा रास्ता है, मेहनती होना अच्छे जीवन का रास्ता है, मूर्ख लोग निष्क्रिय होते हैं और बुद्धिमान लोग मेहनती ।
–🙏गौतम बुद्ध

☝हम जो बोलते हैं अपने शब्दों को देखभाल के चुनना चाहिए कि सुनने वाले पे उसका क्या प्रभाव पड़ेगा,
अच्छा या बुरा ।
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝ आपको जो कुछ मिला है उस पर घमंड ना करो और ना ही दूसरों से ईर्ष्या करो, घमंड और ईर्ष्या करनेवाले लोगों को कभी मन की शांति नहीं मिलती ।
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝ अपनी स्वयं की क्षमता से काम करो, दूसरों निर्भर मत रहो ।
–🙏 गौतम बुद्ध

☝ असल जीवन की सबसे बड़ी विफलता है हमारा असत्यवादी होना ।
– 🙏 गौतम बुद्ध🙏

एक हुए


दुआओं में शामिल

🌹💐जो लोग दूसरो को अपनी दुआओं में शामिल करते है...

खुशियाँ सब से पहले उनके अपने दरवाज़े पे दस्तक देती है...💐🌹

Friday, March 18, 2016

भगत के वश में हैं भगवान

Dead man's suitcase

A man died…When he realized it,
he saw God coming closer with a
suitcase in his hand.
Dialog between God and Dead
God: Alright son, it's time to go
Man: So soon? I had a lot of
God: I am sorry but, it's time to
Man: What do you have in that
God: Your belongings
Man: My belongings? You mean
my things… Clothes… money…
God: Those things were never
yours, they belong to the Earth
Man: Is it my memories?
God: No. They belong to Time
Man: Is it my talent?
God: No. They belong to
Man: Is it my friends and family?
God: No son. They belong to the
Path you travelled
Man: Is it my wife and children?
God: No. they belong to your
Man: Then it must be my body
God: No No… It belongs to Dust
Man: Then surely it must be my
God: You are sadly mistaken son.
Your Soul belongs to me.
Man with tears in his eyes and
full of fear took the suitcase from
the God's hand and opened
With heartbroken and tears down
his cheek he asks God…
Man: I never owned anything?
God: That's Right. You never
owned anything.
Man: Then? What was mine?
God: your MOMENTS. Every
moment you lived was yours.****

Shaking bridge

A man was walking
on a shaking bridge.

He prayed 🙏for help!
He saw God 😇 on the
other side of the bridge &
asked God 😇to come near..

But God didn't come.

Man got 😡 angry.
With great difficulty
he crossed to the other side
& saw God holding the broken bridge..

Trust☺ him..

His ways are amazing!!

प्यार और नम्रता

भाई नन्द लाल जी और गुरु गोबिंद सिंह जी साहिब जी में बहुत प्रेम था । भाई नन्द लाल जी जब तक गुरु गोबिंद सिंह जी साहिब जी के दर्शन नहीं कर लेते थे, तब तक अपना दिन नहीं शुरू करते थे । एक दिन भाई नन्द लाल जी ने जल्दी कहीं जाना था, लेकिन गुरु साहिब सुबह 4 वजे दरबार में आते थे । उन्होंने सोचा चलो गुरु साहिब जहाँ आराम करते हैं, वहीं चलता हूं... दरवाज़ा खटखटा करके मिल के ही चलता हूँ ।
सुबह 2 वजे गुरु गोबिंद सिंह साहिब जी अपने ध्यान में बैठे थे, तब नन्द लाल जी ने
दरवाजा खटखटाया.....
गुरु साहिब जी ने पूछा कौन है बाहर...?
नन्द लाल जी - मैं हूँ !
फिर पूछा - कौन है बाहर..?
नन्द लाल जी ने कहा.... मैं हूँ ..!
गुरु साहिब ने कहा जहाँ .....जहाँ ''मैं -मैं'' होती है वहाँ गुरु का दरवाज़ा नहीं खुलता ।
भाई नन्द लाल जी को महसूस हुआ, कि..... मैंने ये क्या कह दिया.... और फिर दरवाजा खटखटाया ।
तब गुरु साहिब जी ने फिर पूछा कौन है..?
नन्द लाल जी ने कहा.... ''तूँ ही तूँ '' ।
गुरु साहिब ने कहा इस में तो तेरी चतुराई दिख रही है... और जहाँ चतुराई होती है
वहाँ भी गुरु का दरवाज़ा नहीं खुलता ।
ये सुन के नन्द लाल जी रोने लग गये कि इतना ज्ञानी होके भी तुझे इतनी अकल
नहीं आयी...... (नन्द लाल जी बहुत ज्ञानी थे, 6 भाषा आती थी , उच्च कोटि के शायर थे ,)
उनका रोना सुन कर..... गुरु गोबिंद सिंह साहिब जी ने पूछा बाहर कौन
रो रहा है... ?
अब नन्द लाल रोते हुए बोले..... क्या कहूं सच्चे पातशाह..... कौन हूँ ..?
'मैं'.... कहु तो हौमे.....(अहंकार) आता है..... 'तूँ'.... कहूं तो चालाकी.... आती है
अब तो आप ही बता दो के.... मैं कौन हूँ...?
और दरवाज़ा खुल गया, आवाज़ आयी बस यही नम्रता होनी चाहिए......जहाँ ये
नम्रता है , भोलापन है.... वहाँ गुरु घर के दरवाज़े हमॆशा खुले हैं..... और गुरु गोबिंद सिंह साहिब जी ने भाई नन्द लाल को गले से लगा लिया .....
शिक्षा - सतगुरु सेवक के प्रेम - प्यार और नम्रता को देखते हैं ।
संत कहते हैं '' गुरु नहीं भूखा तेरे धन का, उन पर धन है भक्ति नाम का ''....

भगवान का फैंका हुआ पत्थर

!!!भगवान का फैंका हुआ पत्थर!!!

ध्यान से पढ़ें, और विचार करें।

एक दिन किसी निर्माण के दौरान भवन की छठी मंजिल से सुपरवाईजर ने नीचे कार्य करने वाले मजदूर को आवाज दी.
निर्माण कार्य की तेज आवाज के कारण नीचे काम करने वाला मजदूर कुछ समझ नहीं सका कि उसका सुपरवाईजर उसे आवाज दे रहा है.

फिर सुपरवाईजर ने उसका ध्यान आकर्षित करने के लिए एक १० रु का नोट नीचे फेंका, जो ठीक मजदूर के सामने जा कर गिरा । मजदूर ने नोट उठाया और अपनी जेब मे रख लिया, और फिर अपने काम मे लग गया .
अब उसका ध्यान खींचने के लिए सुपरवाईजर ने पुन: एक ५०० रु का नोट नीचे फैंका .
उस मजदूर ने फिर वही किया और नोट जेब में रख कर अपने काम में लग गया. ये देख अब सुपरवाईजर ने एक छोटा सा पत्थर का टुकड़ा लिया और मजदूर के ऊपर फैंका जो सीधा मजदूर के सिर पर लगा. अब मजदूर ने ऊपर देखा और उसकी सुपरवाईजर से बात चालू हो गयी.

ये वैसा ही है जो हमारी जिन्दगी में होता है.....

भगवान् हमसे संपर्क करना चाहता है,मिलना चाहता है, लेकिन हम दुनियादारी के कामों में व्यस्त रहते हैं, अत: भगवान को याद नहीं करते.
भगवान हमें छोटी छोटी खुशियों के रूप मे उपहार देता रहता है, लेकिन हम उसे याद नहीं करते, और वो खुशियां और उपहार कहाँ से आये ये न देखते हुए,उनका उपयोग कर लेते है, और भगवान् को याद नहीं करते.

भगवान् हमें और भी खुशियों रूपी उपहार भेजता है, लेकिन उसे भी हम हमारा भाग्य समझ कर रख लेते है, भगवान् का धन्यवाद नहीं करते ,उसे भूल जाते है. तब भगवान् हम पर एक छोटा सा पत्थर फैंकते हैं , जिसे हम कठिनाई कहते हैं, और तुरंत उसके निराकरण के लिए भगवान् की ओर देखते
हैं,याद करते हैं.

यही जिन्दगी में हो रहा है. यदि हम हमारी छोटी से छोटी ख़ुशी भी भगवान् के साथ उसका धन्यवाद देते हुए बाँटें, तो हमें भगवान के द्वारा फैंके हुए पत्थर का इन्तजार ही नहीं करना पड़ेगा...!!!!



परिस्थिति' बदले तो अपनी 'मनस्थिति' बदल लो

गुरू से शिष्य ने कहा: गुरूदेव ! एक व्यक्ति ने आश्रम के लिये गाय भेंट की है।
गुरू ने कहा - अच्छा हुआ । दूध पीने को मिलेगा।
एक सप्ताह बाद शिष्य ने आकर गुरू से कहा: गुरू ! जिस व्यक्ति ने गाय दी थी, आज वह अपनी गाय वापिस ले गया ।
गुरू ने कहा - अच्छा हुआ ! गोबर उठाने की झंझट से मुक्ति मिली।
'परिस्थिति' बदले तो अपनी 'मनस्थिति' बदल लो । बस दुख सुख में बदल जायेगा.।
"सुख दुख आख़िर दोनों मन के ही तो समीकरण हैं।"

अंधे को मंदिर आया देख लोग हँसकर बोले -
"मंदिर में दर्शन के लिए आए तो हो,पर क्या भगवान को देख पाओगे?"
अंधे ने कहा -"क्या फर्क पड़ता है,मेरा भगवान तो मुझे देख लेगा."
द्रष्टि नहीं द्रष्टिकोण सकारात्मक होना चाहिए।

ख़ुश रहिए.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016



Potatoes, eggs and coffee

One of life's lessons explained so beautifully....

Once upon a time a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn't know how she was going to make it. She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed.

Her father, a chef, took her to the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Once the three pots began to boil, he placed potatoes in one pot, eggs in the second pot and ground coffee beans in the third pot. He then let them sit and boil, without saying a word to his daughter. The daughter, moaned and impatiently waited, wondering what he was doing. After twenty minutes he turned off the burners. He took the potatoes out of the pot and placed them in a bowl. He pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. He then ladled the coffee out and placed it in a cup.

Turning to her, he asked. "Daughter, what do you see?" "Potatoes, eggs and coffee," she hastily replied.

"Look closer", he said, "and touch the potatoes." She did and noted that they were soft.

He then asked her to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard-boiled egg.

Finally, he asked her to sip the coffee. Its rich aroma brought a smile to her face.

"Father, what does this mean?" she asked.
He then explained that the potatoes, the eggs and coffee beans had each faced the same adversity-the boiling water. However, each one reacted differently. The potato went in strong, hard and unrelenting, but in boiling water, it became soft and weak. The egg was fragile, with the thin outer shell protecting its liquid interior until it was put in the boiling water. Then the inside of the egg became hard. However, the ground coffee beans were unique. After they were exposed to the boiling water, they changed the water and created something new.

"Which one are you?" he asked his daughter. "When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a potato, an egg, or a coffee bean?"

In life, things happen around us and things happen to us, but the only thing that truly matters is how you choose to react to it and what you make out of it. Life is all about leaning, adopting and converting all the struggles that we experience into something positive.

Friday, March 11, 2016



गाँव में एक किसान रहता था जो दूध से दही और मक्खन बनाकर बेचने का काम करता था..

एक दिन बीवी ने उसे मक्खन तैयार करके दिया वो उसे बेचने के लिए अपने गाँव से शहर की तरफ रवाना हुवा..

वो मक्खन गोल पेढ़ो की शकल मे बना हुवा था और हर पेढ़े का वज़न एक kg था..

शहर मे किसान ने उस मक्खन को हमेशा की तरह एक दुकानदार को बेच दिया,और दुकानदार से चायपत्ती,चीनी,तेल और साबुन व गैरह खरीदकर वापस अपने गाँव को रवाना हो गया..

किसान के जाने के बाद -

.. .दुकानदार ने मक्खन को फ्रिज़र मे रखना शुरू किया.....उसे खयाल आया के क्यूँ ना एक पेढ़े का वज़न किया जाए, वज़न करने पर पेढ़ा सिर्फ 900 gm. का निकला, हैरत और निराशा से उसने सारे पेढ़े तोल डाले मगर किसान के लाए हुए सभी पेढ़े 900-900 gm.के ही निकले।
अगले हफ्ते फिर किसान हमेशा की तरह मक्खन लेकर जैसे ही दुकानदार की दहलीज़ पर चढ़ा..
दुकानदार ने किसान से चिल्लाते हुए कहा: दफा हो जा, किसी बे-ईमान और धोखेबाज़ शखस से कारोबार करना.. पर मुझसे नही।
900 gm.मक्खन को पूरा एक kg.कहकर बेचने वाले शख्स की वो शक्ल भी देखना गवारा नही करता..
किसान ने बड़ी ही आजिज़ी (विनम्रता) से दुकानदार से कहा "मेरे भाई मुझसे बद-ज़न ना हो हम तो गरीब और बेचारे लोग है,
हमारी माल तोलने के लिए बाट (वज़न) खरीदने की हैसियत कहाँ" आपसे जो एक किलो चीनी लेकर जाता हूँ उसी को तराज़ू के एक पलड़े मे रखकर दूसरे पलड़े मे उतने ही वज़न का मक्खन तोलकर ले आता हूँ।
जो हम दुसरो को देंगे,
वहीं लौट कर आयेगा...

चाहे वो इज्जत, सन्मान हो,
या फिर धोखा...!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Spiritual journey

Spiritual journey is a way of life. And everyone has their own. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do or where your from. It is something that you feel from within. Or you can say from your soul.

Often we relate that being spiritual means the person will be very religious or will not live like others or enjoy life. And the person who goes to temples or Satsang is spiritual.

Infact spirituality is far more than this. Its nothing that u can show off or discuss in public n get appreciation. Its all about how you feel the divines intervention in your life, every minute and every second. Its the feeling n belief that God is with you and guiding you.

Spirituality is an ongoing process. It never stops. It changes you, your thoughts, perception. You accept situations and people. And most important you accept your self.

So no matter where you stand today. Accept that everyone is different. What the other experienced today, you would experience tomorrow or after 2 or 5 years. It doesn't mean you lack something or god doesn't love you. Infact accept that I am a soul and I have my own journey. And I love it.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

ऊँचा उठने के लिए

"ऊँचा उठने के लिए पंखों की ज़रुरत केवल पक्षियों को ही पड़ती है..

मनुष्य तो जितना विनम्रता से झुकता है
उतना ही ऊपर उठता है....



पैर की मोच

पैर की मोच
छोटी सोच ,
हमें आगे
बढ़ने नहीं देती ।
टूटी कलम
औरो से जलन ,
खुद का भाग्य
लिखने नहीं देती ।
काम का आलस
पैसो का लालच ,
हमें महान
बनने नहीं देता ।
. अपना मजहब उंचा
गैरो का ओछा ,
ये सोच हमें इन्सान
बनने नहीं देती ।
👌दुनिया में सब चीज
मिल जाती है,......
केवल अपनी गलती
नहीं मिलती.........
भगवान से वरदान माँगा
कि दुश्मनों से
पीछा छुड़वा दो ,
अचानक दोस्त
कम हो गए......
" जितनी भीड़ ,
बढ़ रही
ज़माने में........।
लोग उतनें ही ,
अकेले होते
जा रहे हैं......।।।
इस दुनिया के
लोग भी कितने
अजीब है ना ;

सारे खिलौने
छोड़ कर
जज़बातों से
खेलते हैं........
किनारे पर तैरने वाली
लाश को देखकर
ये समझ आया........
बोझ शरीर का नही
साँसों का था......
दोस्तो के साथ
जीने का इक मौका
दे दे ऐ खुदा...........
तेरे साथ तो
हम मरने के बाद
भी रह लेंगे........
" तारीख हज़ार
साल में बस इतनी
सी बदली है…........
तब दौर
पत्थर का था
अब लोग
पत्थर के हैं..."
स्वर्ग का सपना छोड़ दो,
नर्क का डर छोड़ दो ,
कौन जाने क्या पाप ,
क्या पुण्य ,
किसी का दिल न दुखे
अपने स्वार्थ के लिए ,
बाकी सब
कुदरत पर छोड़ दो.......

. 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

Friday, March 4, 2016

जीवन मंत्र

सात मंत्र


12 minutes


This is a beautiful story about Krishna 's flute..

Everyday Krishna would go in the garden and say to all the
plants, "I love you".

The plants were very happy and responded saying "Krishna,
we love You too".

One day Krishna rushed quickly into the garden very

He went to the bamboo plant and the bamboo plant asked,
"Krishna, what´s wrong?"

Krishna said "I have something to ask you, but it is very

The bamboo said "Tell me: if I can, I will give it to you".

So Krishna said "I need your life. I need to cut you".

The bamboo thought for a while and then said "You don´t
have any other choice. You don't have any other way ?"

Krishna said, "No, no other way".

And it said "OK" and gave himself up.

So Krishna cut the bamboo n made holes in it, and each
time, he carved the holes, the bamboo was crying in pain ...

Krishna made a beautiful flute out of it n this flute was with
him all the time.

24 hours a day, it was with Krishna. Even the Gopis were
jealous of the flute.

They said, "Look, Krishna is our Lord, but yet we get to
spend only some time with him.

He wakes up with you, He sleeps with you, all the time you
are with him".

Gopis asked the bamboo, "Tell us your secret. What secret
do you have, that the Lord treasures you so much ?"

And the bamboo said "The secret is that, i gave myself up,
and he did whatever was right for me, in the process i had
to undergo a lot of pain.

And the Lord does whatever he wants with me, whenever he wants with me and however he wants with me. I have just
become His instrument".

So this is complete surrender: where God can do whatever
He wants with you,u whenever He wants, as He wants.

Trust Him completely and have faith in Him and always
think you are in His hands ... what can go wrong ??

This is Samarpan or Surrender.



Why read incomprehensible scriptures?

This story has been modified many times by replacing book mentioned with any other book of your choice such as Gita, Bible, Quran etc.

Why do we do paath, even if we can't understand or remember ????

This is beautiful story - if inspired, please forward, else keep it, cant say when it might inspire you !

An old sikh Farmer lived on a farm in the mountains with his young grandson.

Each morning Grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table doing his paath. His grandson wanted to be just like him and tried to imitate him in every way he could.

One day the grandson asked, "Grandpa! I try to do paath just like you but I don't understand it, and what I do understand I forget as soon as I close the book. What good does doing paath everyday do?"

The Grandfather quietly turned from putting coal in the stove and replied,
"Take this coal basket down to the river and bring me back a basket of water."

The boy did as he was told, but all the water leaked out before he got back to the house. The grandfather laughed and said, "You'll have to move a little faster next time," and sent him back to the river with the basket to try again. This time the boy ran faster, but again the basket was empty before he returned home. Out of breath, he told his grandfather that it was impossible to carry water in a basket, and he went to get a bucket instead.

The old man said, "I don't want a bucket of water; I want a basket of water. You're just not trying hard enough," and he went out the door to watch the boy try again.

At this point, the boy knew it was impossible, but he wanted to show his grandfather that even if he ran as fast as he could, the water would leak out before he got back to the house.

The boy again dipped the basket into river and ran hard, but when he reached his grandfather the basket was again empty. Out of breath, he said, "See Grandpa, it's useless!"

"So you think it is useless ?" The old man said, "Look at the basket."
The boy looked at the basket and for the first time realized that the basket was different. It had been transformed from a dirty old coal basket and was now clean, inside and out.

"Son, that's what happens when you do paath. You might not understand or remember everything, but when you do paath, you will be changed, inside and out. That is the work of Wahe Guru in our lives."


शब्द मुफ्त में मिलते हैं
उनके चयन पर निर्भर करता है
कि उसकी ..........
कीमत मिलेगी
या चुकानी पड़ेगी.


Once a Man asked GOD..

Why you don't fulfill my wishes if you are everywhere..?

GOD replied..

I am like WiFi my Child..

I am available everywhere but you need to connect with me with a Correct Password..

And the "password" is : FAITH..

Thursday, March 3, 2016


A rare conversation between Krishna & Today's Arjun. Read it aloud to the family, it's one of the best message I have come across.

1. Arjun :- I can't find free time. Life has become hectic.

Krishna:- Activity gets you busy. But productivity gets you free.

2. Arjun :- Why has life become complicated now?

Krishna :- Stop analyzing life... It makes it complicated. Just live it.

3. Arjun :- Why are we then constantly unhappy?

Krishna :- Worrying has become your habit. That's why you are not happy.

4. Arjun :- Why do good people always suffer?

Krishna :- Diamond cannot be polished without friction. Gold cannot be purified without fire. Good people go through trials, but don't suffer.
With that experience their life becomes better, not bitter.

5. Arjun :- You mean to say such experience is useful?

Krishna :- Yes. In every term, Experience is a hard teacher. It gives the test first and the lessons later.

6. Arjun :- Because of so many problems, we don't know where we are heading…

Krishna:- If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look inside. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides the way.

7. Arjun :- Does failure hurt more than moving in the right direction?

Krishna:- Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you.

8. Arjun :- In tough times, how do you stay motivated?

Krishna :- Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Always count your blessing, not what you are missing.

9. Arjun :- What surprises you about people?

Krishna :- When they suffer they ask, "why me?" When they prosper, they never ask "Why me?"

10. Arjun :- How can I get the best out of life?

Krishna:- Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear.

11. Arjun :- One last question. Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

Krishna:- There are no unanswered prayers. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve. Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live.

Stay Happy Always.....!!!