Monday, August 1, 2016

Do not judge, blame or criticize

Things get worse before they get better.
But don't lose faith. Don't give up hope. Don't compare your blessings with others. Consistently keep performing the enjoined actions and obligatory duties as prescribed for your situation or station in life. Self-effort is necessary to overcome difficulties and hardships in life. Have faith that your sincere intentions and diligent efforts will be fruitful. Adopt the attitude that work is worship. By selflessly performing righteous actions without attachment to outcomes, you will certainly obtain the grace of God and reap the merits of your virtuous deeds. Your pious deeds and disciplined conduct will surely turn your life around and alter the course of your destiny.

The gift of free will has been bequeathed to you by the Lord. So use it wisely. Make the right choices. Perform the right actions and seek the association of the pious and pure, humble devotees of the Lord. Avoid Kusang or bad company. Do not indulge in ninda chugli. Do not judge, blame or criticise. Do not entertain negative thoughts. Think good thoughts and spread positivity to all around. Wish others well and be willing to serve all beings in the way you are best suited to serve humanity, in whatever capacity you can, in accordance with your inherent qualities, natural abilities and attributes.

By God's grace you will obtain success and fulfilment in all aspects of life and obtain your most auspicious destiny both in the here and the hereafter.

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