Monday, September 26, 2016

Q and A

Interesting Q and A 

Q: if nothing works even after praying and surrendering, what should we do ?
A: Go and serve someone in need. The best prayer to God is go and serve someone in need. What goes out, will come back to you.

Q: Why is it that people whom we love most, hurt us the most. Is it God's plan to detach us from near & dear ones ? 
A: Because we love them the most. The more we love, more we expect. True love does not expect.
True love is on the giving side.

Q: It is said, that whatever has to happen will happen. But there is also a theory which says if we think positive, we will attract positive things in life. Gautam Buddha also said that what we are is a result of what we thought. Please explain which theory we should believe in as both are contradictory to each other?
A: They are not contradictory to each other. If you think positive, you release forces that prepare the way for you. Every human being has been given power of thought, will and imagination. Power of imagination such as we read in life of Guru Nanak, He was thrown in prison, but He imagined it as a palace. And he said He lived in a palace. Same power which Guru Nanak had, has been given to us. Only we should use this power. If you use your power in the right way, you can overcome the difficulties.

Q: How do we as parents address grown up adult children who are depressed due to marriage or work issues ?
A: There is one thing which is known as a master key to all problems. And that is prayer. There was a scientist who said that the greatest but the most unused power is power of prayer. Prayer is going to God, so go to God again and again.

Q: I am very worried about the future of my children and husband and I feel worried and depressed ?
A: You have been worrying, again & again for years together, has that changed things ? So let go, and let God take over. Tell Him this is my worry, this is my problem. Kindly remove it and you will get the answer.

Q: My daughter has many wild and bad habits, what should I do to help her. 
A: Prayer would again give a solution, it works wonder. You should also set up a good example for your daughter, and that will work more than words.

Q: After listening to so many discourses, I still love the world, and I feel it is true and real. What should I do? 
A: You love the world, and because you love it as real, you must think as one aspect of God. God is the only reality of this world. You think of the world as God, you will be abundantly blessed.

Q: Where do we go after death ?
A : We don't go anywhere, we are here. Death does not take us to some location. Death is only a change of consciousness.

Q: Women are very empowered nowadays and as much educated as man, and are also financially independent. They rub shoulders with man in every field of life. This is the same in terms of parenthood. Mothers now a days are doing everything that father did for children in the past. Dada what is the role a father plays in bringing up the child. What is your message for first time daddies?

A: The father should not think of himself as a single entity. When you marry, 2 become 1. It is said in the law of marriage 2 -1 = 0. Most of them who must contribute in bringing up children in right way, both should discuss and act. They should together think what would be the best way to bring up the child. 

Q: What is the goal of human life ?
A : To become perfect, as your father is perfect in heaven. I should be more perfect tomorrow than I am today. And compassion is important element, of perfection. I should become more and more compassionate. 

Q.How God looks like 
A He is Nisswarth Nirankar No Shape a Golden Light with thousands of Sun brighter with fragrances 

Q what is my mission in life
A karma karma and Karma only Good

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