Thursday, May 5, 2016


On a busy Monday morning this guy's rushing off to work.

In the elevator he realizes his bag isn't as heavy as it usually is.

Checks to find out that his lunch box isn't there. While walking up to his parked car, he replays the morning rush hours and realizes that his wife had simply forgotten to prepare his lunch that day.

In their 18-years of blissful married life, he couldn't recall a single day in the past when she had not attended to the tiniest of his needs.

He cuts off dialing her number and chuckles to himself as he drives out of the apartment block.

At lunchtime that day his wife receives a call. It's her husband.

W: "Hi darling! hows work"

H: "Work's cool but I'm hungry :)"

W: "Didn't you eat lunch yet?"

H: "Nope"

W: "Why"

H: ''Cause it wasn't there."

Silence. The nickle drops

W: "OMG! how could I forget? I didn't even make it! that's never happened! I totally forgot! What are you going to do?"

H: "Not me! you're going to do something! You're going to change and come down!

I'm waiting downstairs for you! We're going to lunch together!"

She squeals in delight (the sound of which is music to his ears) and joins him down. They drive off to a wonderful, memorable lunch.

Now you too know the secret behind their happy marriage!

All that the two of them have striven to do in their many years of marriage is
to turn an oversight,
a mistake, from either one into
a moment of celebration,
a moment of joy,
a moment to cherish.

Whatever your partner does for you is not his or her duty,
it's his or her love for you.

Accept it with grace and return it with interest :)

If ever the partner forgets, you do the needful,
you should put in the love

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