Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Humility is the one virtue that pleases the Lord the most. It is easy to bow before the wise and exalted. Can you bow before the the most ordinary and low?

Ego creates the labels of high and low, confines one into shallow perception, depriving you from seeing the same Divine residing in all. Humility transmutes ego the false self into an illumined presence .As you think so you become, so goes the words of wisdom from our ancient Masters.

Invest your thoughts in the designs of most powerful dreams of your life. As your conviction deepens you start to see the manifestations of your thoughts in solid forms.

Love and gratitude
In the rush of life you almost forget to breathe. You can breathe without breathing, but there is a qualitative difference between conscious breath and breathing by default. Know that at any point of time your happiness is just a breath away from you, and that is a deep mindful breath of gratitude and love for God.

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