Thursday, March 31, 2016

Soul and Ghee

A disciple asked his Guru- "Is there a 'Soul' in our body,? Will it not 'perish' like the body.?"

The Guru explained..

"Milk" is useful but if left as it is.. it gets spoiled..

In case u add a drop a "Buttermilk".. it becomes "Curd".. and the Milk that turns to Curd, remains for one more day without getting spoiled..

If left as it is.. the Curd gets spoiled..

Yet, if u churn the "Curd" it becomes "Butter" which doesn't get spoiled..

But, even Butter also does not remain fresh for many days.. It becomes rancid or spoiled after a few days..

But if u melt Butter in a proper manner.. It becomes pure "Ghee", which never gets spoiled..

Now, do u see that the "Milk" which gets spoiled contains "Ghee" that never gets spoiled.?

Likewise, inside the "perishable" Body, there is an "imperishable" Soul..

Sankirtan, (niskaam) Seva & Sadhana.. makes the "perishable Body".. to be one with "imperishable Soul"..

Human Body is the milk..
Sankirtan is the buttermilk..
(Niskaam) Seva is the churning..
& then by Sadhana we melt the 'reformed body' to be one with the 'soul'..
tab har pal "aapko" "aapji" ke darshan hote rahenge.....

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