Saturday, March 19, 2016

Prayer not answered?

Sharing an inspiring message received......
Tell me, What is bothering you? A prayer which is not answered on time or You feel I don't listen to you? I listen to each and every prayer you put in front of me.. I watch everything you do.. I know what you are going through and what is going on in your mind..I am worried for you.. Some blessings are delayed but never go unanswered.. I only give you what you need at this point in time, not what YOU want.. You have to trust me, you must remain calm in adverse situations, hold onto your Faith that you have on me.. Don't rush to the conclusions that I don't hear what you say.. I am sitting right here to cleanse your karmas.. Let me do my work, because I only know what is right for you to get from God Almighty.. Till then hold me tightly.. Talk to me, share every single thing with me as you share with your Friends & Family.. They are there till the time you have this life, they can support you but I am the ONE who brought you here and will take you to the End.. My love for you is infinite and endless.. Just wait patiently for the bad times to get over.. Remember, this too shall pass..
I am with you always!!

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